The Botanical Garden of Deshaies : (found right next to ‘Au Jardin des Colibris’)
An exceptional landscape garden spread over 5hectares, which is part of the magnificent property once belonging to the French comedian, Coluche. You can discover the true richness of the flora of the West Indies by following the path, created by professionals, where there’s something new to see at each turn; a waterfall, a stream, orchids, cacti, water lilies, unusual and rare plants…
We can offer you reduced prices to visit this magnificent spot !
Visit the ‘Grand Cul de Sac Marin’ :
A fantastic half-day trip spent with Daniel who will show you the secrets of the mangrove swamps, the ‘Moustique’ river, the coral barrier reef and its underwater inhabitants, a deserted white-sand beach… A visit which is truly off the beaten path !
The Creole garden :
Much more than just a garden…a conservatory of medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants as well as several fruit trees which traditionally surround a créole hut. Jocelyn allows you to taste, smell, discover and enjoy… as he himself says “Life is beautiful!” We love it !
Diving :
There’s a vast choice of diving spots nearby with the ‘Reserve Cousteau’, the ‘Grand Cul de Sac Marin’ and even in the bay of Deshaies itself. From first-time beginners to experienced divers, there’s something to suit everyone…
Whale and dolphin watching :
After meeting a turtle in the port (!), you can sail out of the bay of Deshaies where you may catch a glimpse of the impressive and majestic humpback whale as well as several dolphins plying in the surf…A truly incredible morning !
Massage :
Sometimes the best activity is.doing nothing! Why not take a relaxing trip from your own room or our gazebo? Our masseur, both certified professionals, is incredibly talented and can take you to a place where there's no stress or tension, where you can forget everything. Simply perfect !

And then there’s still…kayaking; canyoning; zip-lining; game fishing; glass bottom boats; coffee, rum, cocoa, banana, wood and shell museums… the list goes on ! Sophie and Matthieu will be happy to help you organise whatever catches your eye…

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