Au Jardin des Colibris has the ideal location as it is barely 3 minutes away from swimming in the Caribbean Sea, sunbathing on the beach or walking in the tropical rainforest. Furthermore we’re less than two minutes from the heart of the picturesque and authentic fishing village of Deshaies.

Our accommodation is also the perfect starting point for several trips; seeing the magnificent waterfalls, walking in the tropical rainforest, hiking up ‘La Soufrière’ volcano, diving at ‘la Réserve Cousteau’, visiting the ‘Grand Cul de Sac Marin’ and its many white sand islets…

Beaches :
There are 13 different beaches within 10 minutes of our location. ‘Grande Anse’, of course, but there’s also ‘La Perle’, ‘Petite Anse’, ‘Rifflet’ or ‘Leroux’, our favourite and only 3 minutes away !
Discover the underwater world :
With or without diving equipment, there are some incredible sights to be seen, only a few minutes from the accommodation! Hundreds of multi-coloured fish, coral, sponges…but we can’t tell you where to find the turtles only metres from the shore…that’s our secret !
Hiking in the tropical rainforest :
From a few minutes to several hours, we can give advice on hikes to suit you. The tropical rainforest is a unique and magical experience with waterfalls, natural swimming pools and impressive panoramas…it’s your choice !
Climbing ‘La Soufrière’ Volcano :
The classic! The unmissable 1467 metre climb up ‘La Soufrière’. With clear skies, the view at the top is exceptional as you can see ‘Les Saintes’, ‘Marie Galante’, ‘La Desirade’ and perhaps even Dominica !

Les Saintes :
Make the most of your stay on Basse Terre by visiting ‘Les Saintes’ with its lively and cheerful atmosphere. It has a beautiful bay is claimed to rival those of Rio and Along, and you’ll also see iguanas there !


Marie Galante :
Laurent Voulzy sang about it and we know why ! Marie Galante is just so beautiful with its authentic, peaceful way of life, its stunning beaches and translucent lagoon waters. We can offer you some discount prices to go and visit !

And finally…our garden !
Or should we say, their garden! The hummingbirds have their home here and they really are incredible! Crested, Green-jacketed and Madeira…you will see them all! It’s show-time every morning, at breakfast …
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